Monday, August 8, 2011

Nervous/Excited About New School Year Linky Party

It's a brand new school year and to celebrate, let's have a linky party!

Now apart of TBA's Ultimate Linky Party!

1. Post a link to this blog on your page mentioning this linky party
2. What's one thing that you're nervous about for the upcoming school year?
3. What's one thing that you're excited about?
4. If you're linking up, post a link to your blog in the comment section
5. Click a link of someone else's blog (in the comment section) and comment

I'm nervous about a lot with this new school year fast approaching. One of the biggest things is that one of my co-workers requested me to be their child's teacher! I'm nervous that I won't live up to her expectations! Any tips? Please comment! :)

I'm excited about doing the Daily 5 instead of Literacy Stations. I tried it this summer during summer school and I think it worked wonderfully! I can't wait to see how much growth my class shows in reading this year!

Thanks for linking up!

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