Monday, August 8, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Linky Party

Wooohooo, Mrs. Tunstall's having a linky party! Link up, what are your top ten reasons you know it's back to school time?

10. Blood pressure starts to go up again :)
9. Like Mrs. Bainbridge said, the nightmares about things going terribly wrong my 1st few days occur
8. Difficulty sleeping, too many ideas running through my head
7. I begin stocking up on easy 5 min or less lunches
6. The school's laminating machine AND the copy machine run out
5. My school e-mail springs back to life
4. Lakeshore, ReallyGoodStuff, TeacherDirect, OrientalTrading, Scholastics boxes litter my classroom
3. The crayons are new!
2. You're tempted to peak in your co-workers rooms to see their new bulletin board/classroom theme
1. There's a fight over the limited supply of travel coffee mugs, between me and my hubby ;)

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